In a past issue, I explained my personal plight with off-the-shelf header fitment. I’m sure some of you share or have shared in the past some of my frustrations with pipes that hit various “objects” inside the engine compartment (and maybe beyond). We looked at several options available, and those are semi-custom and custom headers. In my case, I stepped … Read More

TOTALLY TUBULAR – 1 When Shelf Headers Don’t Fit

In some car builds, the time comes when you realize there is no way on earth a stock, off-the-shelf header is going to fit.  Sure, some can be persuaded to fit by way of modifications (hammer, bigger hammer, moving pipes, etc.), but there are many instances where that won’t even help.  Or, the cost of the mods (moving pipes) is … Read More

Rekindling a Race-Legacy: The Unbreakable Bond Between Lemons Headers and Tony Foti Revives the LAPD Racing Team

The heart of the American car culture can be found in the roar of engines and the deep bonds that form between petrolheads, engineers, and their finely tuned machines. One such relationship, steeped in passion and camaraderie, exists between Lemons Headers and Tony Foti. Two names, synonymous with high-speed pursuits and roaring exhausts, are once again joining forces to revive … Read More