Lemons Headers

Producing superior performance through quality craftsmanship and custom design. We treat every exhaust system as if it is to be fitted to our own car, and every client like family.

Lemons Headers

Producing superior performance through quality craftsmanship and custom design. We treat every exhaust system as if it is to be fitted to our own car, and every client like family.

Lemons Headers

Producing superior performance through quality craftsmanship and custom design. We treat every exhaust system as if it is to be fitted to our own car, and every client like family.

Lemons Headers

Producing superior performance through quality craftsmanship and custom design. We treat every exhaust system as if it is to be fitted to our own car, and every client like family.

Lemons Headers

Producing superior performance through quality craftsmanship and custom design. We treat every exhaust system as if it is to be fitted to our own car, and every client like family.

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    A little about us

    A family business, Lemons Headers was opened in 1997 by Dan and Kathy Lemons. Since then, our company has spent over 25 years growing our capabilities, fine-tuning our skills, and building a close-knit, car community. Whether it is our handcrafted, custom-made Chevy headers or our tried-and-true reputation, we are proud to be revered in the auto industry. With hundreds of customized header applications, a team of loyal and talented employees, and a community of racing enthusiasts, we are honored to be a part of the legacy, Dan Lemons has built.

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    Brief intro

    What we do

    At Lemons Headers, we specialize in creating custom-fit headers for Chevy vehicles, designed specifically for your car’s engine. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t subscribe to the ‘one-size fits all,’ machine-made approach. Instead, each header is made-to-order and designed to meet your unique specifications and needs. With Lemons Headers, each piece is handcrafted, 100% custom, and designed to optimize your exhaust system. This allows the piece to slide effortlessly into place, clearing the spark plugs and having a perfect seal, every time.

    How it works


    1. Contact our team

    Let’s get to know each other. At Lemons Headers, our customers are like family. We have spent decades building a community of like-minded car enthusiasts who rely on our quality headers to maximize their engines. Give us a call, send us an email, or drop by our shop for a personalized tour of our facilities. We’re always happy to get to know our clients so we can craft the personalized header they deserve.

    2. Discuss your needs

    What are you looking for in a header? Apart from the ease of a perfect fit, we want to help your car achieve superior performance. With that in mind, the dimensions of your header will impact your cars overall performance. When sizing a header, some obvious points to consider would be displacement, compression ratio, and horsepower. But we also want to consider the level of torque your car needs which is affected by the tube size. How about the look of your header? Do you prefer stainless steel or mild steel? Maybe you want to add a little flare and protection with a strong timeless ceramic finish. When working with experienced header builders like Lemons, we can provide our input to optimize your exhaust.

    3. Send us your measurements

    Once we have established your header needs, it is time to start planning the construction. Since Lemons Headers are handmade and custom, we build based off the measurements provided by the client. Due to the nature of the product, it is crucial that the measurements provided are correct, so we can build you the custom header your engine needs. So, before submitting your measurements, it is always wise to double, triple, and quadruple check that they are right.

    4. We handcraft your header

    Our team of passionate perfectionists are committed to providing the handmade, custom header that will revolutionize your vehicle’s performance. Many of our welders have been with us for over 15 years. Not only are they experts in their craft, but they have the confidence and ability to provide the quality workmanship that is accustomed to the Lemons name. With your car model, engine specifications, and performance needs in mind, we will build a header unlike any you’ve had before. Handcrafted by a team of specialists, your header will be built with quality and precision in mind.

    Handcrafted & Custom Headers

    Want your car to be louder and faster? Maybe you are gearing up for street racing and don’t want to waste time fiddling with an ill-fitted header. From the street to the track, a custom header is key to your car attaining peak performance. Whether you own a street car or are competing in street or drag racing, Lemons Headers are handcrafted and made-to-order, giving you a custom feel behind the wheel. These days, most headers are off-the-shelf products. They are a 1 of 1 design that are only compatible with certain head types. This is incredibly limiting, especially for professional racers who need a no-fuss fit for their exhaust.

    At Lemons Headers, our company has spent over 25 years building specific jigs for a variety of Chevy models. This means we can build the perfect header for our clients, whether they are in the area or live halfway across the world. Our jigs give us the ability to handcraft a header for any cylinder head while also accommodating different deck heights. We can make it in the tube size you need, in a stepped or non-stepped configuration, and with all the customizations you could ever want.

    With these designs, there is no need for you to drop your car off at our shop to have a custom-made header. Whether you are based right here in California, across the country in Florida, or internationally located in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, or Australia, you can have a Lemons headers in your engine. No need to worry about shipping fees or travel costs to deliver your car to our shop. Simply order a header, send in your measurements, and we can have a custom, ready-to-install header sent directly to you.


    Why Trust Lemons Headers?

    Knowledgeable and driven, Lemons Headers runs on the satisfaction of our clientele. Our clients know the industry and choose to put their confidence in our company. This is not a responsibility we take lightly. Rather, we take great pride in our ability to provide a service that makes a real difference in our customers’ lives. Just as they rely on us – whether it be our commitment to quality or our ability to come through with the final product – we rely on them to keep Lemons Headers doing what we do best. Building custom Chevy headers that are handcrafted and unique, so quality never comes into question.

    Have questions about your custom Chevy header? Our staff is here to help. Give us a call at (805) 239-8998 or drop by our shop and our team will be happy to assist you.

    If you put your trust in Lemons Headers, this is what we can provide:

    • 100% custom design
    • Made-to-order headers for a perfect fit
    • Handcrafted to maintain quality and precision
    • Longer lifespan than off-the-shelf headers
    • High-quality materials
    • Superior performance
    • No need to ship your car or lose time on the track, we build completely remotely
    • Build and ship internationally
    • Completely customizable design
    • Trusted business for over 25 years
    • Glowing customer testimonials


    Got the Lemons Headers I ordered today and installed. Great set of Headers. Correct in all ways. Easy installation. They look great! Well worth the wait!! I recommend everyone get a set. No disappointments with Lemons Headers Inc.

    Frank Milligan

    ‘427 chevrolet 299/427

    “I am beyond happy with the craftsmanship and fitment of these headers!! I only had to do a minimal amount of trimming to the top of each frame rail for a little clearance. They tuck up inside the frame so nicely! They look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!”

    Jeremy Reedy

    ‘67 C-10 PU - 540 BB

    “Stock subframe with unisteer rack. 583 w/ Dart Pro-1 heads. There is enough clearance for a (2) U-Joint steering shaft - Could not have done it better if you had the car in person.”

    Jim Shipley

    ‘69 Camaro - BBPT-661 - 2 1⁄4” x 4”

    “There was plenty of clearance, even with the oil pan. They look GREAT!!!”

    Mike Pones

    ‘66 Chevelle - SBPT-235 - 1 7⁄8” x 3 1⁄2”

    “I love my Lemons Headers. 10 years and running”

    Tracy Hawker

    ‘68 Camaro BB - 2 1⁄8” x 2 1⁄4” x 4”

    “UPS delivered my pipes from Lemons Headers today (about a month earlier than expected!) Bad to the bone and very (Very!) nicely built. I’m stoked (my first set of custom headers from Lemons). Thanks Dan – you rock! And Hooray for small business craftsmen!”

    Wayne Scraba

    ‘70 Nova - BBPT-600 - 2 1⁄4” x 4”

    “Owned the car for 30 years as is my high school car. Lemons headers are second to none. Even the way they came shipped in the packaging was amazing and shows a lot of pride and care from Lemons headers. My appreciation”

    Kenny Munn

    ‘66 Beaumont SD (Sport Deluxe) - 2 3⁄8” x 4 1⁄2” - 9.45 @ 147 1⁄4 mile time

    My Lemons Headers fit like a glove. Nice craftsmanship!

    Bill Reno

    Pro Stock BB Race Header - BBR-580 - 2 ¼” x 2 ⅜” w/ merge collector

    The best headers I have used in my 57 years. They look great, easy to install, and they work like nobody's business. Lemons Headers are proof perfect that you ‘Get what you pay forShowing off her Lemons Headers. Bertha hangs the hoops on a 9.30 pass

    Donnie Edmonds

    BBR-545 - Chevelle

    “For all the things that haven't fit correctly on this build, I'm glad to say the Lemons Headers weren't one of them! Dan comes through with this set of BBC race header that fits the 2nd gen Camaro using a Smith Racecraft front clip.”

    Philip Hubbard

    2nd gen Camaro - SRC (Smith Race Craft) front end - BBR-511 - 2 ⅜” x 2 ½” x 5”

    I’m always proud to be able to see that name under my hood. It’s even better when you hear them say he’s got Lemons!

    Best money you’ll spend'

    Jack Horsey

    ‘70 El Camino

    Dan & his staff are top shelf! Great product with real quality. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a very good set of headers. Thank you again!"

    Craig Arnold

    Headers fit perfect on my 632 in my 1972 Camaro

    Rob Hefter

    These are without question the best headers on the market. I put them on and I swear I picked up 40 hp. I’ve messed with cars for 40 years now and would never have dreamed that a different header would make that much difference but I put Lemons on and the results were amazing. They sure do JUICE IT UP! Lemons for the win

    Jack Horsey

    70 El Camino

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