Lemons Headers Joins Musi Racing as Sponsor and Official Header of Pat Musi Racing Engines


MOORESVILLE, NC — The new year means a new major associate sponsor for Pat Musi Racing Engines and the Musi Racing team, as Lemons Headers has officially been added as a new partner.

The company, which is based in Paso Robles, CA, will become the official header of Pat Musi Racing Engines, and their industry-leading headers will be installed on the entire Musi Racing stable of cars, including “Bonnie,” “Norma Jean,” Pat Musi’s personal ’67 Camaro, as well as the upcoming Vic Edelbrock tribute Chevelle that Musi is in the process of completing.

Musi has always appreciated the brand’s impressive attention to detail when it came to their headers, while Lemons Headers found themselves with a long list of clients using Musi engines, which all meant a partnership between the two companies was the next natural step.

“It’s a brand new partner for us and it is really neat to build these relationships,” Musi said. “We’re really excited to team up with Lemons Headers. They’re big out on the West Coast and they want to expand to this side of the country. They really trust me and when they visited our shop, they really liked what they saw.”

Added Chuck MacDougall, Business Development at Lemons Headers: “We’re absolutely thrilled with this partnership. We were reviewing our client base and where they come from, and it was one Musi engine after another. They make an incredible product and I believe he felt the same way about us, so it just made sense to work together.”

Lemons Headers was originally started by Dan Lemons, who was focused on making a top-notch product with no stone unturned. Their custom, handmade headers have been a popular product for decades, and it’s due to a precise product and a team that takes the time to develop a perfect header for every customer — based on their exact specifications.

“Their headers always fit,” Musi said. “When you go to them, they ask a lot of detailed questions and their attention to detail is really impressive. Dan has been around a long time and it really is a custom deal with every customer. We’re going to recommend their product to anyone who has purchased an Edelbrock/Musi 555 crate engine or will get one in the future. This is the header we run. They’ll build it for you personally and it’s going to be the header of choice for all of our cars.”

The extremely popular Edelbrock/Musi 555 and Lemons Headers have already proven to be an ideal fit, and that should only grow with the new partnership. The headers and partnership will be visible on the Musi Racing cars driven by Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings star Lizzy Musi, giving Lemons Headers an added avenue to showcase their custom-made product.

“The Edelbrock/Musi 555 engine is a very exciting product and it fits exactly what we’re doing,” said Lemons Headers Operations Manager, Jen Lemons. “Our clients line up perfectly. It’s a big benefit for us and we’re excited to be part of the family. We think alike and it’s great to have someone like Pat and his team to bounce ideas off of and to work together.

“We’re not a point and click and order company. We have a conversation with every customer and everything is custom made by our team.”

About Lemons Headers
Lemons Headers specializes in creating custom-fit headers for Chevy vehicles, designed specifically for your car’s engine. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t subscribe to the ‘one-size fits all,’ machine-made approach. Instead, each header is made-to-order and designed to meet your unique specifications and needs. With Lemons Headers, each piece is handcrafted, 100% custom, and designed to optimize your exhaust system and increase horsepower. This allows the piece to slide effortlessly into place, clearing the spark plugs and having a perfect seal, every time. For more info, please visit www.lemonsheaders.com.

About Pat Musi Racing Engines
Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, Pat Musi Racing Engines is a one-stop shop for sportsman engines with a Pro Mod pedigree. Pat Musi Racing Engines controls every component of the engine, from in-house manifolds to custom cylinder heads. Pat Musi has been at the forefront of electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology for over two decades, and that experience is available to every customer with custom-designed EFI systems, exclusive software and individualized tuning. Whether going rounds in Super Comp or setting records in Pro Nitrous, each customer receives the same quality and workmanship Pat Musi Racing Engines is known for worldwide. For more info, please visit www.musiracing.com.