Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lemons Headers have any sponsorship programs?
I am a really good and/or high ranked racer. Would you consider sponsoring me? No. Sorry, but we are a very small shop and don’t have the budget for sponsorships. We are contingency sponsors for PSCA only.

Does Lemons Headers give discounts to businesses?
No. We have a very labor intensive product that is custom made to each customer’s specifications. Therefore we normally work directly with the owner of the car. These headers are already expensive and if we had a discount program we would have to raise our base price. We choose not to do that, even if we lose a sale once in a while.

Do Lemons Headers come ceramic coated?
No. We don’t do any ceramic coating at our shop, so our headers are painted with a high temp black paint. If we are comfortable with the customers car and are not concerned about the engine location or an oil pan issue etc. then we can have them coated for the customer, but we can not be held responsible for the coating.
A good ceramic coating job has many benefits including making the header last by keeping rust from forming on the inside.

I don’t see my header application listed in your product list.
I have a car that is not on your Product List can I still have a set of headers made? If you don’t see your engine/chassis listed give us a call anyway. If we can’t help you we may be able to direct you to someone that can. We also do some custom headers at our shop.

I need my headers NOW! Is there any way to speed up the process?
We don’t have any headers on the shelf. Everything is made to order, so we always have a lead time. In the winter and spring it can be very long, so please plan ahead. The only way we can speed up your order is to build them on weekends, so that our other customers are not pushed back! To do this there will be an additional fee to cover our overtime costs.I need my headers NOW!!!

If you have any additional questions give us a call at 805-239-8998.
Thank you for your interest in Lemons Headers!


Dan and Kathy Racing around California Drag Races.


Lemons Headers Founded, Primarily custom Big Block race headers.


Lemons expands to Small Block Headers.


Lemons introduces lines of Protouring Headers for Chevelles, Camaros, Novas and Chevy II’s.


Lemons expands to Customs and V Boat headers.


Lemons develops custom Jig program to enable custom header production for multiple engine set ups without the need of having the car at the production facility.


Lemons joins BA-LNE group of companies to expand production and product lines.