BBPU-2WD ’62-’72


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Header Spec’s:
This header can be made in any size up to 2 ¼” primary size. It can also be stepped up to 2 3/8” with any collector size up to 4 ½

.What Fits:All tubes are inside of the frame. It requires a mini starter either a Hitachi or Nippondenso style. A full size GM starter will not fit.
This header was designed around factory GM clamshell style motor mounts. It will not fit a mid-plate.
Ground clearance is excellent, the bottom of the header is ½” higher than the bottom of the front K member.
It has great access to the spark plugs. Measuring from the side of a stock oil pan on the passenger side we have 3” of room for oil pan sump kick out. And on the driver side we have 1 ¾” at the top on the pan and 4” of room at the bottom for sump kick out.
This header will not fit factory clutch linkage. If you have a column shifter for an automatic transmission you will have to use a Lokar ACA-1800 shift linkage or something similar.
Power brake booster and air conditioning will fit.
Mini starters, Factory motor mounts, Aftermarket oil pans and Factory air conditioning fit.
Clutch linkage and mid plates do not fit.
For the ‘62-’66 trucks our design truck had frame mounts and engine mounts from Performance Online.
Tubular Mounts Part #ECM6367
Polyurethane engine mounts Part #3-1114G
On the Performance On Line tubular Motor mounts, you will have to trim the top of the mount. on the passenger side See photos.

Installing the headers:
If the header is made all one piece (Pro-Tour style) you will have to raise the engine to install it.
If the header is made as individual tubes (Race Style) install the tubes from the bottom, start from front and work back on the driver side. On the passenger side install from the bottom 2, 4, 8, then install #6 from the top.
NOTE: See our Yellow (Header Installation Tips) page for slip on collectors for additional information. It will help the installation go easier, and save you time.

Thank you for selecting Lemons Headers.
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