#BBPT-625 BB Pro Tour header for stock chassis


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Header Specs:

This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ¼” with any collector size up to 4”. It is normally built as a pro-tour style header all one piece with the collectors welded to the primary tubes. It can also be made as a race style header with individual tubes and slip on collectors. It is designed for the stock chassis with the stock steering box and the engine in the stock location all of the tubes are inside the frame. Spark plug access is good with good access to the starter and oil filter. It has plenty of room for large oil pan kick outs with good ground clearance. It will NOT fit a factory air conditioning box on the fire wall, clutch linkage or column shifter linkage and may require a smaller than stock power brake booster.

Header Installation:

If your header is made as a pro-tour style you will have to raise the engine to get past the steering box. Install it from below. If it is made as a race header you can install it with the engine in place.
Driver side, install #1, #3 and #7 from below then #5 from the top, then install the collector. Only snug the header bolts until the collector is installed then go back and tighten all the header bolts.
Passenger side, install the tubes from front to back.
Refer to our header installation tip’s page for additional information.

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