BBPU-2WD BB header for 2 wheel drive, stock chassis


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Header Spec’s:

This header is designed for two wheel drive pick up’s only. All tubes are inside the frame. It can be made for any deck height and any cylinder head, in any tube size UP
TO 2 ¼” primaries with up to a 4” collector.

What Fits

Spark plug room is good, but #5 is difficult to reach. A mini starter is required. Measuring from the side of a stock oil pan we have 3 ½” of room from the oil pan on the passenger side and 2 ¾” of room on the driver side for oil pan kick out sumps This header is designed for stock motor mounts or motor plates as long as the engine stays in the stock position. This header does not fit a 1 ton chassis. It will touch the inside of the “C” shaped frame.
If you want to use them on a 1 ton truck you can slightly trim the frame (ask Dan for more info).
This header needs a mini starter. It fits factory air conditioning and power brake booster.. It does not fit factory clutch linkage. It does not fit factory column shifter linkage, but Lokar Performance Products makes a replacement linkage that bypasses the original factory linkage under the floor. It goes directly from the lever on the column to the transmission lever. They also make a cable system for the column shifter.

Installing Headers: Pro-Tour style:

The engine will have to be raised on each side for installation.

Installing Headers: Race Style:

Race style is individual tubes and slip on collectors.
Install one tube at a time starting from front to back. Only snug header bolts, do not tighten them.
Then install slip on collectors and bolt in place.
Then go back and tighten all header bolts.

Be sure to read our Yellow (Header Installation Tips) page before installing the headers. It will make installing the headers easier and save you time.

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