#SBR-155 SB Race header for stock chassis (special engine location)


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Header Specs:

This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ¼” with any collector size up to 4” or our collector mufflers up to a 5” size. Three tubes on each side go around the frame. The position of the engine is important for proper fit. The stock steering column can be used. Attached is a diagram showing the required engine location. Customers feed back has told us that Advance Adapters motor mounts will work. The back side of the “K” member will have to be notched for the oil pan sump.
This header was designed using a Tilton starter. Oil pan room is limited on the passenger side to 2” at the bottom of the pan only, on the driver side we have 4” of room top to bottom. Spark plug clearance is good it will fit straight or angled plugs.
This header is intended for race cars only it will not fit air conditioning, power brake booster or column shifter linkage etc. Skinny drag race type front tires are needed for maximum turning radius.

Header Installation:

Passenger side: install the #2 tube from below with the starter out. Before bolting the tube in place reinstall the starter. This is the only tube inside the frame on this side. Next install #4 and #6 then #8. Only snug the header bolts don’t tighten them until the collector is installed then go back and tighten all the header bolts.
Driver side: Install #7 tube from below this is the only tube on this side inside the frame. Next install #1, then #3 and #5, then the collector.
Refer to our header installation tip’s page for additional information.

Installation Instructions:

Installation instructions available in PDF format. Click Here To Download.

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