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Header Specs:
This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ¼” with any collector size up to 4” or our collector muffler up to a 5” size. The two center tubes on each side go around the frame. The engine MUST to stay in the stock location.

What Fits:
The header will fit with side motor mounts or motor plates. This header was designed with a Power Master #9540 or #9500 or a CVR #5323Nippondenso style starter and will not fit with a full size GM stock starter or Hitachi style mini starter.
We offer Power Master #9540 starters.
It has excellent oil pan room. Measuring from the side of a stock oil pan it has 4 ¾” of room on the passenger side and 5” of room on the driver side. Ground clearance is also excellent, with a Milodon 7 quart oil pan and the largest tube size (2 ¼”) the header was ¼” below the bottom of the pan, smaller tube sizes will gain ground clearance. Spark plug room is very good with angle plug heads, straight plugs are tighter. This header is designed for skinny drag racing type tires, but may fit up to a 7” with tire depending on the wheel offset. It has good room for aftermarket “A” arms.
This header is made for stock type clutch linkage, but will NOT fit column shifter linkage, power brake booster or factory air conditioning.
Note: Brake lines may have to be rerouted for clearance. If you are going to keep the inner fender wells they will have to be notched for header clearance.
If more room is needed for our race collector mufflers or a large exhaust system we offer a chrome moly transmission cross member.

Installing these headers is very easy as they are individual tubes. On both sides install the front tube first, then the back tube, then the center pair (these are the tubes that go around the frame). Now install the collector. There are mounting tabs on the collectors and on the primary tubes to secure the collectors. On the driver side one tab on the collector and one tab on the primary tube have an “L” stamped on them and must line up with each other when installed. The passenger side tabs have an “R” stamped on them. Only snug the header bolts, until the collector has been installed, then go back and tighten the header bolts.

Refer to our (Header Installation Tips) page for additional information.

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