#SBPT-202 SB Pro Tour header for Detroit Speed & Engineering chassis, Also for Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, Heidt’s, Martz, Smith Racecraft, and Checkered Racing front clips, also stock chassis with rack & pinion.


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Header Specs:

This header is available in any tube size up to 2” with a 3 ½” collector. All of our headers are hand made so we can make them for any engine deck height and for any aftermarket cylinder head. All of the tubes are inside the frame and the header has excellent ground clearance. We used a Milodon oil pan #30900 to design with and the bottom of the header was ½” higher than the bottom of the oil pan. The available room for an oil pan kick out sump is 3” on the passenger side and 4” on the driver side, measuring from the side of a stock oil pan. The oil filter was easily removed even with the 1 ½” kick out on the Milodon pan.
The steering column must be installed per the chassis builders instructions for clearance with the header. Our design fits side motor mounts or motor plates and the front sway bar kit. It has good spark plug room, some spark plugs can be easily removed with a socket and an extension some will require a socket and end wrench.
This header will fit a power brake booster and clutch linkage, but will not fit column shifter linkage or a factory air conditioning box on the firewall. It requires a mini starter, Hitachi or Nippondenso style a full sized GM starter will not fit. If a Lakewood style scatter shield is used you will have to slightly trim the outer edge, below the starter area.

Header Installation:

Driver side, remove the spark plugs, oil filter and the center section of the steering column between the “U” joints. You do not have to raise the engine, the header will install from the bottom.
Passenger side, remove the spark plugs and starter. You do not have to raise the engine, the header will install from either the top or the bottom. Before bolting the header in place reinstall the starter.
Refer to our header installation tip’s page for additional information.

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