#LSPT-300 LS Pro Tour header for stock chassis with stock steering box


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Header Spec’s:
This header is available in a 1 ¾” tube size with a 3” collector also a 1 7/8” or 2” tube size with a 3 ½” collector. All of our headers are hand made so we can build any combination you need, including a step design or for tall deck blocks or aftermarket cylinder heads.

What Fits:
All the tubes are inside the frame, with excellent ground clearance, spark plug access and oil filter access. On our design car we used a Moroso aftermarket oil pan and a stock pan. The bottom of the header was even with the bottom of the stock oil pan and ½” higher than the bottom of the Moroso pan. The available room on each side of the stock oil pan for sump kick outs is 2 ½” on the passenger side and 3 ¼” on the driver side.
The header is designed to fit side motor mounts, but not motor plates. We used DSE motor mount adapters #060401 on the engine and small block frame mounts on the chassis. Our LS headers come with oxygen sensors welded in each collector or if you request a “V” band connection for your exhaust reducers then we would install the oxygen sensor bungs in the reducers which can be rotated to any position.

This header will NOT fit a factory air conditioning box on the firewall, mechanical clutch linkage or factory column shifter linkage, but it WILL fit up to a 9” power brake booster, (Jegs #965-PB9513)
A stock or aftermarket starter will fit.
We recommend using aftermarket spark plug wires either Taylor or MSD with a 45 degree angled boot.
Special note for LS-7 engines: The stock oil pan for the LS-7 has dry sump oil lines on the passenger side. These oil lines will interfere with our header and need to be redirected or switch to a wet sump oil pan.

Installing the headers:

Driver side: the steering box makes installation difficult. We recommend installing this side as the engine is installed.

Passenger side: this side is very easy. With the starter and spark plugs in place the header can be installed from below.
Refer to our header installation tip’s page for additional information.

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