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This collector muffler was designed for NHRA’s muffler requirement.
In our original design we used fiberglass packing for the sound control and they were at approx. 95 disciples. We found that the fiberglass packing burned out too fast, so we switched to stainless steel wool. More durable yet not as quiet as the fiberglass. It is at approx. 120 disciples.
These can be made for any header primary tube size – 1 ¾” up to 2 ½” and any collector case size up to 5”.
If your current collector size is 4” by 12” long, we would make the collector muffler case size 5” by 15” long to maintain the same exhaust flow.
These are made for headers with slip on type collectors only.
We hand make these to order so we can make any combination you want.
Our collector mufflers are not meant for street use.