#BBR-550 BB Race header for stock chassis


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Header Specs:

This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ½” with any collector size up to 5” or our collector muffler up to a 6” size. It has 2 tubes on each side that go around the frame which will require that you trim your inner fender wells for clearance. We designed this header with the engine in the stock location setting on small block frame stands or Moroso frame mounts #62630 for the front motor mounts with Moroso #62515 engine mounts. It WILL fit motor plates and a power brake booster, but it will NOT fit a factory air conditioning box on the fire wall, clutch linkage or column shifter linkage. A tall deck height and raised exhaust port combination may require moving the steering column for clearance. It is intended for use with skinny drag racing type tires on the front for maximum clearance with the tubes around the frame. Your master cylinder brake lines will have to be rerouted for clearance.
This header will fit all mini starters, except a CVR and Miezier 400 or stock GM full sized starter. Available oil pan room for kicked out sumps, measuring from the side of a stock oil pan we have 5 ¼” of room on the passenger side and 6” of room on the driver side. The oil filter is very accessible and the starter can be removed unless you have a big pan kick out. Spark plug access is very good we recommend using a 45 degree angled spark plug wiring boot. We hold the headers and collectors up as high as possible for ground clearance. If you will be using a large exhaust system you may have to notch the driver side transmission cross member for additional exhaust room, or we now offer a chrome moly transmission cross member for additional exhaust room.

We also offer Milodon oil pans #30951 & #30956 which allow easy access to the filter, and we stock Power Master #9540 starters.
Header Installation:

If you will be using your inner fender wells they will have to be trimmed to clear the tubes around the frame.
Before trying to install the headers lay all the tubes out on the floor to orient them to their proper position.

Driver side: install #1 then #7 from the bottom and snug the header bolts, but don’t tighten. Then install #3 and #5 these are the tubes around the frame, snug the bolts. Now install the collector and go back and tighten all the header bolts.
Passenger side: install #2 and #4 from below, you may have to remove the starter.
Then #6 and #8 these tubes go around the frame, then install the collector.
Refer to our header installation tip’s page for additional information.
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