#BBR-535 BB Race header for TCI front clip


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Header Spec:
Our headers are made to order for the customers cylinder head and deck height. It can be made in any tube size UP TO 2 ½” with any collector size UP TO 5” or our race collector mufflers in any size UP TO a 6” diameter.

What Fits:
On your steering column the upper U joint will have to be 4” from the firewall to the center of the U joint. This header was designed to fit TCIs rectangular front clip and their new round tube front clip. If our 6” collector mufflers are used you may have to trim the pinch rail on the floor sub frame. We designed this header with the engine in the stock position as TCI has set it up. It will clear side motor mounts as well as motor plates. Almost any mini starter will fit except a Mezier #400 and a full sized GM starter will not fit.
Because the frame rails on the TCI chassis are moved inward 1” on each side, we had to take 2 tubes around the frame on both sides. This allowed us to get the best possible ground clearance, oil pan room and spark plug access. Our design car had fairly narrow tires (approximately) about 6”wide (See photos) and we still had good tire clearance from the frame. A 7” to 7 ½” tire should clear depending on the wheel offset. Ground clearance is excellent, our design header was a 2 ½” primary size and the bottom of the header was even with the bottom of a stock oil pan. With smaller tube size the header will gain ground clearance. We kept the header as far away from the oil pan as possible for oil pan sump kick outs. On the driver side we have 3 ½” of room and on the passenger side we have 3” of room. If the sump kick out is under the oil filter, the filter will be trapped. We recommend a Milodon #30951 or #30956 or a Moroso #20408 oil pans for easy access to the filter.
The steering column upper U joint will have to be 4” from the firewall to the center of the U joint. This header will fit a power brake booster, but will not fit Factory air conditioning box on the firewall, factory clutch linkage or column shifter linkage. If you are using inner fenderwell panels they will have to be trimmed for header clearance. Install the headers first, then trim the panels to fit.

You can keep your column shifter, but you will have to use aftermarket shifter linkage from Lokar or I Did It, they both offer mechanical linkage as well as a cable shifter system.

We offer a chrome moly transmission cross member for a short tail shaft TH400 transmission.

The passenger side tubes can be installed with the engine, spark plugs and starter in place. Install the tubes in this order, #4 from the bottom, #2 from the bottom, #6 and #8 from the top. Only snug all header bolts until the collector is installed then tighten all bolts.
The driver side can be installed with the engine and steering column in place. Install the tubes from front to back.

It is important to read our (Header Installation Tips) page before installing your new Lemons Headers, it will make the installation go smother and save you time.

Thank you for selecting Lemons Headers!
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