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Header Specs:
This header was designed for any tube size UP TO 2 ½” primary size with any collector size UP TO 5” or collector muffler size UP TO 6”.
It has one tube on each side that go’s around the frame.
It is made as all single tubes, each tube has its own flange so you just install one tube at a time and then the collector slips onto the primary tubes and bolts in place.

What Fits?
On each side of a stock oil pan we have 4 ¼” of room on the passenger side for oil pan sump kick outs and 3 ½” of room on the driver side.
The engine must be mounted on Smith Race Craft Motor plates.
Almost any mini starter will fit, but I’m not sure about the Mezier 400 series starter.
With no oil pan sump kick outs the oil filter is very easy to remove and install. With a kick out sumps you may be able to slide the filter forward to get it out.
At the back of the collectors the clearance from the car floorboard is ¾”.
This header is intended for Drag type skinny front tires.
Evacuation tubes and oxygen sensor bungs will be facing outward in the collector.

Before starting the installation of your new headers, please read the yellow installation tips page. It will help the process go smother and save you a lot of time.
On the driver side install tubes from front to back 1-3-5-7-
On the passenger side install #2 and #4 tubes together, then #6 and #8.

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Mild Steel, Stainless Steel