#BBPT-620 BB Pro Tour header for stock chassis (fenderwell)


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Header Specs:

This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ¼” with any collector size up to 4”. It is normally made as a pro-tour style header all one piece with the collectors welded to the primary tubes. It can also be made as a race header with individual tubes and slip on race style collectors. This is a fender well style header as there is now place for the exhaust to go inside the frame. The tubes are spread along the outside of the frame and fire wall to make room for front tire clearance with the collector facing back under the floor board.
It has good spark plug room and ground clearance, the bottom of the collector is only about ½” below the bottom of the frame. It will fit the stock steering column and column shifter linkage as well as a power brake booster, but will NOT fit a factory air conditioning box on the fire wall or clutch linkage.

Header Installation:

If you will be using your inner fender wells they will have to be trimmed to clear the tubes going over the frame. The best way to accomplish this task is to mark a reference point on the fender well measuring from the “A” arm then remove the fender wells. Once the headers are installed use your reference mark and the “A” arm to measure from to determine the opening for header clearance. Make the opening large enough that the header can be taken in and out.
The steering column goes through the header tubes. If your header is built as a pro-tour style you will have to remove the column between the “U” joint and the rag joint. Once the header is installed reinstall the steering column. If your header is a race style with individual tubes it can be installed with the column in place. Install the tubes from front to back. Only snug the header bolts until the collector has been installed then go back and tighten all the header bolts.
Refer to our header installation page for additional information.

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