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Jay Jachimiak – 70 Chevelle

I finally finished the car in 2017 after having near fatal bone cancer, almost lost my right leg. I just wanted to say thank you for building such an outstanding set of headers! Being in a wheelchair, I can change every plug by myself, never had any tube drag underneath, the oil and transmission pan will go before even coming close to the headers! My 582 made 800hp on pump gas, 760ft-lbs tq at 4800 with them.

Dan definitely delivered on everything he promised, I asked for steering shaft clearance, spark plug access and starter clearance… all was perfect. I had so many sets of headers over the years leak horribly, collectors drag, almost every single one had to be ‘modified’ just to be functional.

Thank you so much for building me such artwork that I’m proud to show off on my Chevelle! Thanks Dan! Jay Jachimiak….. one happy customer!

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