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Customers Cars

Click the images to see a larger size photo and a short write-up.

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Kevin Gibson

David Madalena

Troy Teichthesen

William Bird

Mike Baron

James Morgan Jr.

Ric Fauset

Jeff Watts

John Rossi

Wayne Herring

Terry Taylor

Dale McCord

Blake Reynolds

James Martz Jr.

Kenny Marquart

Pat Wheatly

Gil Baker

Mike Deregt

Paul McDaniel

John Bowman

Richard Gavle

Chris Stokes

Chuck Funderburk

Chad Pickens

Dean Woodward

Chris Tuckness

Phoenix Fire Dept.

Mike Royal

Greg Warner

Chris Guthery

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If you have ever ordered a set of our headers and want to see your car picture up here just send an email to webmaster@lemonsheaders.com Please include your name, a picture of your car and a short write up about what you think of the headers.

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