#BBR-541 BB Race header for stock chassis (new design)


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PART # BBR-541

Header Spec’s: This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ½” with any collector size up to 5” or any collector muffler size up to 6”. It has 2 tubes on each side that go around the frame which will require that you trim your inner fender wells for clearance.

What Fits: We designed this header with the engine in the stock location using small block frame stands for the front motor mounts. The engine mounts can be either Moroso #62530 solid mounts or Prothane #7-505 polyurethane motor mounts.

It WILL fit motor plates, stock clutch linkage and aftermarket “A” arms, but will NOT fit a power brake booster or column shifter linkage. Your master cylinder brake lines may have to be rerouted for clearance. This header is intended for use with skinny drag racing type tires on the front for maximum clearance with the tubes around the frame.

This header was designed with a Nippondenso style Power Master starter #9540 or #9500 od a CVR #5323. The overall starter length can not be over 6 ½” including the mounting block.

The available oil pan room for side kick out sumps, measuring from the side of a stock oil pan we have 3 ½” of room on the passenger side and on the driver side we have 2 ½” mid way down the pan and 4 ½” at the bottom of the pan. If the kick out on the oil pan is under the oil filter the filter may be trapped. A Milodon pan #30951 or #30956 and a Moroso #20408 oil pans give easy access to the oil filter. Ground clearance is excellent, with our largest tube size 2 ½”, the bottom of the header is ½” below the bottom of a stock oil pan. Smaller tube sizes will gain more ground clearance. Spark plug access is also excellent. With plug wires going over the valve cover we recommend using 45 degree or 135 degree boots, with plug wires going under the header use 90 degree boots

We carry Power Master #9540 starters.


Header Installation: It is important to read our Yellow (Header Installation Tips) page before installing your new Lemons Headers, it will make the Installation go easier and save you time.

Driver side: Install #1 tube (inside frame) from the bottom. Install #7 tube (inside frame) from the bottom. Install #3 tube (goes around frame), then install #5 tube (goes around frame).

Passenger side: Take starter out and install #2 tube (inside frame) from bottom and hold in place with front header bolt only (very loose). Install starter. Install #8 tube (inside frame) from the bottom. Install second bolt in #2 tube and snug bolts. Install #4 tube (goes around frame) then install #6 tube (goes around frame).

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