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’82-’92 CAMARO


Header Spec’s:

This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ½” with any collector size up to 5”.
The most restrictive part of this chassis is the floor board area around the transmission which does not leave enough room for our collector mufflers. This design has 2 tubes on the passenger side and 1 tube on the driver side that go around the frame, this enabled us to keep room for the starter and kick out oil pans with these large tube sizes. This header was designed using a Hitachi style starter a full size GM starter will not fit.
Measuring from a stock oil pan it has 4” of room on each side for large sump kick outs and the bottom of the header is even with the bottom of a typical race pan. The lowest part of the header is the collectors because of the floor board. With no kick outs on the oil pan the starter and oil filter are easily accessible. Spark plug access is very good you can get a socket on all plugs. If you have wide front tires and wheels with an offset to the back side then the tires will rub at a full turn, the header is designed for skinny drag type tires. Any exhaust system will have to run down the drive shaft tunnel. If your raised port heads are over .600 higher than stock you will have to replace the steering column rag joint with a smaller “U” joint to make room for #7 tube. The header is designed for side motor mounts or motor plates and will fit many aftermarket “K” members, but the engine must stay in the stock location.
This header will fit a power brake booster, but will not fit the stock clutch slave cylinder or factory air conditioning or column shifter linkage.

Header Installation:

We have included a drawing that shows where to cut your inner fender panels for clearance for the tubes that go around the frame.
Passenger side, depending on the tube size and if you have a kick out oil pan you may have to remove the starter to install tubes #2 and #4, if so install these tubes from below and only start one header bolt on each. Leave the bolts loose so the tubes can move freely, then reinstall the starter and bolt the tubes in place. Only snug the header bolts don’t tighten them. Next install #6 and #8 these are the tubes around the frame. Again only snug the bolts until the collector is installed then tighten all the header bolts.
Driver side, install from front to back #1 then #3 and then #7. #5 is the tube that goes around the frame, install it last.
Refer to our header installation page for additional instructions.

Thank you for selecting Lemons Headers!
If you have any questions give us a call at 805-239-8998.
Dan Lemons

Note: Our products do not come coated. They come either with a bare metal shop finish or a high temperature black paint.

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