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’70-’81 CAMARO- ’75-’79 NOVA- BB RACE HEADER


Thanks to Richard Achenbach for the great photo's!

Header Specs:

This header is designed for any tube size up to 2 ½” with any collector size up to 5” or our collector muffler up to 6”. It has 2 tubes on the passenger side and 1 tube on the driver side that go around the frame. If your engine has a dry sump oil system or the starter on the driver side we can take a second tube around the frame for additional room.
The engine has to stay in the stock location for this header to fit. Any mini starter will work a full size GM starter will not fit. The header is designed for side motor mounts or motor plates we used Moroso solid motor mounts #62515 to position the engine.
Ground clearance and spark plug access is excellent. From a stock oil pan we have 3 ¼” of oil pan sump room on the passenger side and 1 ½” at mid pan on the driver side with more at the bottom of the pan. If we take the second tube around the frame on the driver side we have more than 4” of room. The bottom of our design header was even with the bottom of the oil pan. This is a race header it will not a factory air conditioning box on the fire wall or factory column shifter linkage. It will fit a power brake booster, clutch linkage and is intended to be used with skinny drag type front tires.

Header Installtion:

If you will be using your inner fender wells they will have to be trimmed to clear the tubes around the frame. The best way to accomplish this task is to mark a reference point on the fender well from the upper “A” arm then remove the fender wells. Once the headers are installed use your reference mark and the “A” arm to measure from to determine the opening for header clearance. Make the opening large enough that the header can be taken in and out.
Before trying to install the headers lay all the tubes out on the floor to orient them to their proper position.

Passenger side, start with #2 the front tube and just start the header bolts, then #4 should go in with the starter in place. #6 and #8 next these are the 2 that go around the frame.

Driver side, start with #7 the back tube and just start the header bolts. Next install #1 and #3 at the same time and bolt to the head. #5 is the tube that goes around the frame, install it last. Once all the tubes are installed you can run the header bolts up snug, but not tight until the collectors are installed then tighten all bolts. Once you get this sequence down the headers are fairly easy to install.
Refer to our header installation tip’s page for additional information.

Thank you for selecting Lemons Headers!
If you have any questions, give us a call at 805-239-8998
Dan Lemons

Note: Our products do not come coated. They come either with a bare metal shop finish or a high temperature black paint.

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