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67’- 69’ CAMARO & 68’- 74’ NOVA  BIG BLOCK PRO-TOUR


Header Specs:

This header is available in 2” or 2 1/8” tube sizes with a 3 ½” collector, also in a 2 ¼” tube size with a 4” collector. All of our headers are hand made so we can build them for any engine deck height and any cylinder head. It has excellent ground clearance and spark plug access. It is designed for aftermarket oil pans with side kick outs, the available room from the side of a stock oil pan is 4 ½” on the drivers side and 5 ¼” on the passengers side. On our design car we used a Milodon low profile oil pan #30950 or #30955 and the bottom of the header was even with the bottom of the oil pan. This header requires a mini starter.

This design fits side motor mounts or motor plates, clutch linkage and up to a 9” power brake booster. When installing your steering column the upper “U” joint needs to be approximately 5” to 5 ½” from the firewall or in the same location as the factory steering column rag joint, which will allow the column to easily clear the header. If your car has a Lakewood style scatter shield you may have to trim the outer edge of it under the starter area.

This header will not fit a factory air conditioning box on the firewall, a full size GM factory starter or column shifter linkage. It requires that the engine be in the correct position.

Header Installation:

To install the passenger side leave the starter in place, but remove the spark plugs and install header from the bottom. To install the driver side remove the spark plugs, clutch linkage, oil filter and the center section of the steering column. You may have to raise the engine about 1” and install the header from the bottom.

Refer to header installation tip’s page for additional information.

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Dan Lemons

Note: Our products do not come coated. They come either with a bare metal shop finish or a high temperature black paint.

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